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New Orleans Haunted Tours
There is certainly a reason New Orleans has been coined “the most haunted city in America.” It could have something to do with Anne Rice’s vampires or possibly the disturbing tales of the horrors that occurred within the confines of the Lalaurie Mansion. From the historical buildings to the unique cemeteries, walking the streets of New Orleans at night can be a creepy experience. The best tours in New Orleans will help you discover all the terror that has befallen the city since the very beginning.

Haunted History Tours
This company claims to be the original business in guided tours around the haunted French Quarter. They have even published a bestselling book called “New Orleans Ghosts, Voodoo & Vampires” as well as a documentary titled “Journey into Darkness.” Not only is this tour spectacularly theatrical, but it is also held during the day and night. Guests will have a chance to see the legendary Vieux Carre and sites of well-documented hauntings. You will even stop at a haunted bar along the way.

Bloody Mary’s Tours
This is a local favorite. From the French Quarter to the Garden District, the tour guide, a local historian, reveals the city’s haunted history. Bloody Mary offers insider perspective on local cases as the group explores cities of the dead, including St. Louis Cemetery No. 2, Holt Metarie Cemetery and St. Louis Cemetery No. 1. The French Quarter Tour of the Undead also offers a glimpse of an 1800s vampire lair. Those over 21 might enjoy the Haunted Pub Crawl Tour, which includes visits to bars, restaurants, hotels and a former brothel. If you are interested in paranormal investigation or a moonlight graveyard tour, they are readily available.

Free Tours By Foot
Free Tours By Foot offers a French Quarter tour under the cloak of darkness. Not only will guests hear spooky stories about the area, but they will also learn about the morgue, pharmacy museum, Pirate’s Alley, octoroon mistress, yellow fever and Hotel Montelone.

French Quarter Phantoms
This is where your ghost hunting dreams can come true. Held by the Paranormal Society of New Orleans, this tour is fun with a hint of serious history. The group explores destinations like the Andrew Jackson Hotel. If you aren’t quite in the mood to hunt for ghosts, you can just learn about them with the New Orleans Ghost Tour or New Orleans Vampire Tour. The stories are historically accurate and include local hauntings and lore. The small group sizes make for an intimate, conversational style tour.

With so many different tours to take, you may have trouble choosing just one. Why not stay a few days and double up on the fun? New Orleans haunted tours are the perfect way to spend your vacation, especially when you have a fantastic place like Maison St. Charles Hotel & Suites to stay.